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Software development is a set of program that can perform any required task with help of processes. Software can be hard as it includes designing a rough idea, testing, bugs fixing and many numerous steps. In today’s times every business firm or an organization needs a software program so that they can perform various tasks to ease out work for a person and reduce the requirement of manpower and time.

GlobReach offers development services such as:
Web development services that includes Static website, Dynamic websites, E-commerce websites, Responsive website design and landing pages. Custom development services such as Custom ERP/CRM development and Mobile App development And other services like Domain registration & Web hosting services.
Our team consist of best Developers to establish an effective services to grow your business, weather you need a simple website to a dynamic website a ecommerce or a mobile app we have it all covered and our team will surely help bring your vision to life.
Our team is flexible and is ready to help our clients to increase their performance with the highest quality we guarantee to give top quality services and growth to our clients.

Web Development

Want to enhance your online presence by creating engaging, secure and user-friendly web applications/websites? Do you have a digital product idea that you want to turn into reality? Then the only step you need to take on GlobReach as your Web design, development and services partner! At GlobReach, we understand that your website will usually be the first point of interaction for potential customers and therefore creating the right first impression is critical. Done right, websites can be the most potent online tool to connect, engage, convert and converse with your target audience/ customers. Our team of veteran web designers and developers specialize in creating sturdy, intuitive, responsive, device independent websites and applications that are tailored to suit your specific business needs. Our range of Web Development Services include:

  • Static Websites
  • Dynamic Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Landing Pages

Static Websites

A static website is ideal if all you want to do is establish a basic online presence with lower initial budget. Webpages for static websites are written in plain HTML code and the content of webpages remain static i.e. constant for all visitors to the website.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are ideal for those businesses/ brands that require high-performing websites where content is to be frequently updated or added or customized depending on a variety of factors such as the native language of the viewer, the time zone, the time of the day, legal diktats, business opportunities, etc. Such websites are ideal if you wish to conduct business via your website, want your website to function as spokesperson for your brand/ business, and/ or increase customer interaction and engagement.

Dynamic websites are connected to a database via a Content Management System – An interface that allows users to add, edit and manage the content within the database. Information within the database can then be retrieved, organized and structured to create product, service or blog webpages or online catalogs/ categories.

Though initial investments for dynamic websites are way higher than static websites, the maintenance costs are low unless extra capabilities are to be added or there’s a change to the fundamental design of the website.

Ecommerce Websites

If you plan to sell your products/ services offered by your business /brand online and increase customer engagement and conversation, you need an eCommerce portal that delivers personalized shopping experience to your customers 24x7 based on their shopping patterns coupled with complete integration with third-party components and plug-ins for shipping, payment gateways, analytics, social media, API integration, etc.

Responsive Website Design

Glob Reach is committed to responsive web design. In simple terms, ‘Responsive web design’ is the term used for a webpage design approach that ensures that layout, content and media (images, animation and videos) within webpages resize or reorient themselves depending on the type of digital device (computer, Smart TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) used for viewing them. In the case of tablets and smartphones, the webpage must also reorient itself based on whether the tablet/ smartphone is being viewing in portrait or landscape mode as well as respond to the user’s ‘touch’ on the screen rather than the traditional mouse click of a computer/ laptop. Responsive Design ensures that the webpage is easy to navigate and read irrespective of the device and browser used for viewing it.

On the world wide web, access from mobile devices now account for more than half the web traffic. Moreover, one of the factors that determine the Google Search Engine Rankings of a webpage is its loading speed, content layout and navigation design on mobile devices. Hence, as responsible web designers, we have adopted responsive web design to ensure user interface plasticity across devices. All webpages designed by us are optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

If your website or ecommerce portal lacks a responsive web design, get in touch with us to have it incorporated.

Landing Pages

The webpage from your website that’s displayed to a visitor when he /she lands on your website by following a link on another website, social media network, marketing email, online advertisement, or in a search engine result. Landing pages are powerful and vital tools for digital marketing as they prove to valuable resources for lead generation. The content of such webpages that serve as landing pages is composed in a manner that helps you to convert anonymous or casual visitors into leads. This is done by capturing the name, email address and optionally other basic info of interested visitors and then nurturing leads with email updates and offers. Such lead nurturing converts interested leads into customers or subscribers. In essence, the landing pages on your website can serve as your sales representative!

Landing pages need to be carefully designed and optimized to include:

  • Elements such as eyeball-grabbing headlines, images, animation and/or content that explain your offer and its value proposition.
  • Strategically placed CTA (‘Call to Action’) buttons that compel visitors/ customers to take up on your business offer.
  • Forms to capture the minimum basic info (such as name, email ID, age) of the interested visitors.

GlobReach understands that creating well-designed, effective, persuasive and optimized landing pages is not a ‘one size fits everybody’ type of endeavor. It’s a continuous process that needs to be continually optimized to suit the prevailing marketing climate.

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Custom Development

At GlobReach, we sure to deliver enterprise applications that will address your business needs and will meet your specifications too. Our team consist of industry experience staff that will deliver best product to solve all your business challenges. We are ready to assist our clients in every stage of the development and support.

GlobReach offers a wide range of services to meet our client’s unique needs. We are your trust worthy partners, which allows you to concentrate on more things.

Benefits of custom software you can decide how your final product looks, you can start small and then add features and expand it later, it’s a smart long-term investment, increased productivity, Secure against external threats and support etc..

  • ERP/CRM Development
  • Mobile App Development

Custom ERP/CRM Development

Many business are quickly switching to custom ERP software solution because to put a stop to common manual procedures, ERP are cost-effective and efficient. CRM is a software that brings all the capabilities together, as one can store all the information, make calls, send mails, schedule appointments and many more. As the motive of a business is to keep a customer.

Some Benefits of Custom ERP:
  • You don’t need to change your business workflows that is the software will be developed according to your business requirement.
  • Total visibility.
  • Reporting and planning is improved.
  • Reduced time and efforts.
Some Benefits of CMR:
  • Better client relationships.
  • Better team collaboration.
  • Cost saving.

Mobile App Development

Take your online business to the next level with a Mobile App!

With the exponential growth of smartphone usage in India, the future success of your business depends on your ability to go mobile and have your business at the beck and call of your customers via their smartphones. The best way to do that is via a Mobile App for your business/ brand. In this highly digitized era, the first place a customer will check for information on your product/service is always online. If your business is online and there’s an app that users can download to their devices, it creates a positive first impression. It also provides your business the following benefits:

  • Builds Brand Loyalty.
  • Increases Brand Visibility.
  • Increases Customer Retention and engagement.
  • Increases sell-through via in-app purchases.
  • Improves your omni-channel strategy.
  • Connects your business with on the go customers.

To attract more customers, a dedicated app for your business/brand is essential.

Make your business tech-savvy to cater to your tech-savvy customers. Hire GlobReach as your software vendor for developing, marketing and maintaining a robust cross-platform Mobile app for your business/ brand.

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Other Services

Running a professional website comes with its own set of registration, maintenance and support tasks. Outsource these drudgery-laced tasks to GlobReach so that you can concentrate on business tasks that need you help you grow your business. GlobReach offers the following web services:

  • Domain Selection
  • Domain Registration
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Support & Maintenance

Domain Name Selection

The first step towards establishing your online presence is choosing the right domain name for your business website and then registering it for your use. However, the following factors must be considered while deciding on the name :

  • Does the domain name perfectly capture the nature of your business?
  • Is it easy to remember?
  • Does it sound professional enough?
  • Is the domain name brandable?
  • Is the domain name intuitive to visitors?
  • Will copyright issues arise for the chosen domain name?
  • Do you want a register a ‘.com’, ‘co.in’, ‘.in’, ‘.biz’, ‘.net’ or something else as the domain extension?

As you can see, deciding a domain name is no easy task. Choose GlobReach to simplify this name game for your website.

Domain Name Registration

Once the domain name is finalized, the next step is to register the domain name for a specific duration. Once the duration nears expiry, the registration must be renewed to ensure continued access for the website’s hosting. GlobReach offers Domain name registration services as well as the following associated services:

  • Privacy Protection: Use this service to ensure that your personal privacy remains protected, block online stalkers and harassers and eliminate domain related spam.
  • Domain Forwarding: Use this service to ensure that visitors will be redirected to your website if they type in an incorrect but similar domain name or an incorrect domain extension (for example, if they type ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ instead of ‘.com’.)
  • Domain Theft Protection: Protects your website domain name from being illegally hijacked or transferred by unscrupulous cyber squatters, competitors or hijackers.

Web Hosting Services

Once your website content is ready and the domain is purchased, the next step is to make the website available on the Internet (i.e. the World Wide Web). This is known as Web Hosting. GlobReach provides all the technologies and services required for hosting your website / webpages on the Internet. As your web hosting partner, we will ensure that your website is available 24x7 on the world wide web as well as address any troubleshooting issues you might face. Our web hosting services include:

Domain Specific Email accounts: Use this service to ensures that you can use email accounts linked to your website domain. This is especially necessary for professional business websites. (For example, if your name of your website is mywebsite.com, you can get multiple domain email accounts created ([email protected]).)

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) Protection: Websites and networks on the Internet may sometimes be subject to malicious DDoS attacks that can threaten the performance of the website, slow it or even shut it down for a short period of time. GlobReach offers DDoS resistant web hosting services.

DNS (Domain Name System) Management: Ensures 100% availability of your website 24x7 by correctly mapping your website’s domain name to the IP address of your website through multiple DNS servers. Use of multiple DNS servers ensures that your website remains available if one of the DNS servers ends up failing.

FTP Access: This feature allows you to control the content uploaded on your website. Use FTP access to upload/ transfer webpages to the web server that hosts your website.

Content Management Systems: There are several convenient software tools (the most popular one being WordPress) for building and managing websites. Such software tools, which allow you to fully or partially control the content of your website without resorting to help from the website designers are known as Content Management Systems. Our web hosting services include tailoring Content Management Systems to suit your specific requirements.

Support & Maintenance

At GlobReach, our moral fiber is untainted by corporate greed and self-advancement without scruples. We believe in a sustainable business model built on trust and hence value our customers above all else. We therefore provide rock-solid customer support and maintenance for the all services rendered. Our in-house personnel will ensure smooth and hassle-free support and maintenance for the all web services you subscribe to. It’s this 360-degree service delivery is what makes GlobReach function as a truly one-stop solution for all your online strategy needs.

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